What (if any) is the rule of thumb for sizing ribbing wire to hook size? From what I can gather, Ultra-Wire is sized as

X-Small: 0.008" (~32 gauge);
Small: 0.011" (~29 ga);
Medium: 0.014" (~27ga); and
Brassie: "larger than small, perfect for size 18 - 22 Brassies" ( . . . so is "Medium" ? )

I see recipes for size 18 - 22 nymphs that use Small/Medium; recipes for size 12 wets that use Small/Medium; and recipes for size 4 streamers that use Small. Are these all using one and the same definition for "Small"?

And what about type of wire? Some recipes say gold, silver; others, copper, stainless. I would think size "Small" gold wire would weigh approx the same as ~29 ga lead, whereas size "Small" silver would weigh quite a bit less (as would copper and ss, not to mention those that say wire or mono).

I?ve seen a rule of thumb for lead wire that simply said the diameter of the lead wire should approximate the diameter of the hook shank, but have been unable to find anything similar on ribbing wire. My wife?s not here . . . will someone please tell me what I think ?

Any insight appreciated !
- smc -