Seems there was a chemist or two among you . . .

I would guess the most common use of desiccant would be humidity control, primarily for protect packaged electronic components. Presumably, it absorbs moisture right out of the air in the packaging container, often a relatively large cardboard box. On more than one occasion, I?ve read that desiccant (commonly silica gel) eventually reaches its saturation point, but can be ?reactivated? by judicious use of a microwave oven.

The part about absorbing moisture out of the air until saturation that stumps me :

If you open a desiccant?type fly floatant like Top Ride or Easy Dry while in, on, or near a creek, river, pond, lake, etc, doesn?t it try to absorb that creek, river, pond, etc; ie, wouldn?t it almost immediately reach saturation? How could it possibly be capable of drying the second fly . . . ?

? smc ?