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Thread: E Glass "Tadpole" Rod Swap

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    Default E Glass "Tadpole" Rod Swap


    OK, here we go. I am starting the sign-up for the Tadpole rod swap. The sign-up will be open until October 15. After that time, I will order the rod blanks and the component kits if wanted from Ron at Hook and Hackle.
    I will need to know if you want a component kit or not. Also there was some interest in some people getting more that one blank. I don't see this as a problem. just let me know if you want more than one. I will try to nail down the component kit price ASAP.
    The blanks cost will be $11.00 plus shipping form Ron to me and from me to you. Shipping from me to you should be around $5.00, give or take a few cents.
    I have posted some simple rules for the swap. Please take the time to read them before you commit to the swap.

    Tadpole Rod Swap Rules

    1.The blanks to be used will be the Baston SPG780 these will be ordered as a group order and shipped to each swapper.
    2.Cost of components (excluding the blank) will be limited to $25.00.
    3.All components shall be new. No used-reclaimed components. Component/thread colors are up to each swapper.
    4.Swap is open to all members of the board.
    5.Each swapper is responsible for packing/shipping their completed rod to the new owner. Rods should be shipped in PVC or some other sturdy, crushproof container and packaged as to avoid damage. A rod sock is not required, but would be a nice touch, IF it fits into the $25.00 budget.
    6.The drawing to determine who gets your rod will be conducted at the end of the swap by a blind draw conducted by the Swapmeister. You will be notified by PM who to ship your rod to.
    7.Rods should be completed by February 15th so all rods can be shipped and received by its new owner by March 1st.

    Remember...sign up will close on October15. NO EXCEPTIONS

    Sign up on this thread and send me a PM with your shipping address if you want to play.



    Jack Hise 1 kit *recieved payment*
    cholcomb13 1 kit *recieved payment*
    bassman 2 blanks *recieved payment*
    shorthaul 1 blank *recieved payment*
    ol' blue 2 blanks *recieved payment*
    Jim Flamming 1 kit *recieved payment*
    Betty Hiner 2 kits *recieved payment*
    modocdan 2 blanks and 1 kit *recieved payment*
    harleybob87 2 blanks *recieved payment*
    Erik Osterby 2 blanks *recieved payment*
    black co 2 blanks *recieved payment*
    Kaboom 1 blank and 1 kit
    bdesavage 1 kit *recieved payment*
    cheffy 1 blank *recieved payment*
    setnhooked 1 kit
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