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    Talking How to Catch These Fish / Conclusion

    For those who have followed this story , I told all there would be a conculsion to it one way or the other. This afternoon (my 3rd trip to this stream) was one of desperation. I was armed with pettets tied to hooks (oh the shame).......These Fish had got the best of me (spoiled pellet head son of a ##++***) As I crept down to the stream with my pocket full of pellets and one tied on a size 12 dry fly hook I peered into the water and there they were hoards of fish both Browns and Rainbows of immense proportions. ........In went the pellets and the one tied to the hook. It was like a feeding frensy.......swirls, spashing, chomping and so on.........except on mine (the one on the hook)........I tried again .same result.....and dice. I was now at an all time low and all but ready to admit defeat........Oh The Shame of it all. Two of my buddies showed up and I told them the news and they couldnt believe it. They had to try..same deal..zlich, squat, nadda. They threw every kind of fly they had for a half hour or so ..same story, while I watched from a bank.

    Well, I said to myself what the h-ll, I'm here watching them, I might as well just tie on a fly and make a few casts. I tied on an old local standard called the splittail (soft hackle wet fly)and made a cast up and across........I watched the fly line drift down , make its curve and ,,,WHAM!!! A huge fish grabbed the fly and tore up stream at about 30knots, about 20yrds of stripping line off the reel and breaking me off with a pop (like a salmon)............I was in disbelief.......I quickly tied on another of the same and the next cast brought this to bear ..pictured below a 27" 4-5 lb. Rainbow. Finally Mission accomplished ,,,,,,,,,,,,,without the pellet!

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