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Thread: Experimenting with the Weenie Balls

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    Wink Experimenting with the Weenie Balls

    Last night was the first chance that I've had to experiment with the Weenie Balls/Koosh Balls that I bought over a week ago. I tried some designs that are a little different than the now classic "Hairy Weenie." I believe that the classic weenie design wastes this material's best attribute which is a wonderful flexibility that becomes almost alive in the water. Instead of using the weenie spikes to wrap the body, I tried to leave the spikes free to work in the water as they descend in the water column. What I ended up with were several "flies" with between four and six worm-like appendages sticking out from the hook shank. The flies look like a glob of small worms threaded on a hook. Because of the soft nature of the weenie ball material, I believe that fish will hold the fly for a much longer period of time. Those spikes are really soft and pliable. We may actually have the equivalent of the plastic worm here when it comes to a life-like feel.

    The bad news about the weenie ball spikes is that they are absolute h*ll to tie down securely on the hook shank. Even with several preliminary soft wraps, they torque almost completely around the shank. The spikes might as well be greased and the hook shank might as well be Teflon coated. It's the fly tying equivalent of a greased pole climb. Anyway, I spent five bucks on these things and I'm not quitting . I'll try my creations out in the next couple of days. 8T
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