Hi all,

I am tired of my pontoon and the whole wader bit when using it. I am going to keep it for rivers, but I am looking at getting either a Hobie Outcast Mirage or the Nucanoe. I plan to use it for stillwater fishing for trout here on the east side of Washington. There is only one Nucanoe dealer here in the Yakima area and none for the Hobie Mirage so I am hoping you guys (or gals) can help me decide which is the better fishing platform I only fly fish and generally do not drag woolly buggers around trolling. Given the high price of gasoline I really don't want to drive all over the state looking before I am ready to pull the trigger on a purchase. I have zero expirence with kayaks but most prams are simply too heavy for an old guy like me to man handle around. Any input would be helpful. Thanks for any ideas or suggestions. Should I wait and see what the new Native craft looks like?

Jim Harper