This is a RHETORICAL QUESTION.Concerning the current availability of this device, just how good of a caster must one be to get a fly out to a car tire size spot 40 feet away? Is there anyone on this forum that can't do that?? I'm curious as to what weight (percent of total effort) the members here put on casting (other than spey and surf casting).In my own personal experience, I don't even think I'm aware of an "effort". My distances seldom exceed 40' but I probably can throw it 70' . Just how much better need or can I get at that distance. I have never had a lesson. Should I?? What should be my expectations? When someone on this board states that they're not a good caster what does that mean. What is a good caster?? Am I a "good" caster??

I'd rather be in Wyoming!

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