Yes. I bought a Smallmouth (equiv to an 8 or 9). It will take your big deer hair frogs, poppers etc and turn them over. It casts extremely accurately. It is 7'11" and you just can feel the power and accuracy. This is not the rod for sending it a mile with a delicate presentation. It is perfect for the 20 -40 yd "pound the bank" with something big and bassy.
Now for my complaint. I love Sage rods. My SLT and XP are pretty/aesthetically pleasing. The Bass rods are a cheesy color and have cheesy components e.g.the rod butt has cheap plastic.
I wish this rod was more like a flat matte (like the classic GLoomis GLX) with quality components.
However, they have (for a fly rod) kept the price reasonable.
I put my first bass of the year on it yesterday, with a frog fly. I give it the thumb up.