Well, I went to one of my favourite holes on my favourite streams today. There are always nice trout there, they just don't like to be caught (well, at least not by me).

Today was no different. As I approached the stream, I noticed that a beautiful brown of 20"+ was cruising the head of the pool. I immediately froze as not to spook him. Hidden by some stream side bushes I watched as he came within 3 feet of me (about a foot from shore) and stuck his nose out to sip a small fly from the surface. What luck...a feeding brown!

Well, as luck would have it, that fly must have been dessert! He promptly (yet very leisurely) swam across the narrow steam and tucked himself up under the overhanging vegetation. Now, he didn't go so far in as to lose site of him...oh no...he stayed near enough to the edge to be seen, but deep enough that I couldn't cast to him. To add insult to injury, he pointed his nose downstream so I couldn't drift anything at him.

I'm sure if he had hands he'd have turned, thumbed his nose at me, and given me a raspberry.

I sat and watched him for a while, chuckled, said my goodbyes, and left. I'm sure he was just toying with me!!