Hi Folks,

Over the years I have really enjoyed FAOL, Jim and Deanna, and the many friends
I've made on here. Wonderful bunch of folks! Alas, due to a couple of knee operations
and a severe drought here on the Santee Cooper Reservor, I can hardly remember the
last time I had a productive trip. Now, it's literally a hike across the flats to see the
dry spots where the fish "used to be". The boat landings havn't reached the water for
some time now. The other waters in the area are all tidal with large tides and heavy
currents. Not my cup of joe.*G* Therefore, my tying gear, flyrods and reels and all
the goodies are boxed up and going in my storage room. The boat is cleaned up and may
soon be looking for a new owner!? I'm finding it difficult to get enthused about fishing
at all. I'm getting back into RC modeling for the first time in over a decade and am
tickled to find the progress thats come about with the electrics during my absence.
Nothing wrong with clean, silent, push button flying.*G* Anyway, I felt I owed you
fine folks an explanation why I've not been around. Best wishes (and fishes) to all of
you folks. Warm regards, Jim

P.S. Here's one of Santee Coopers fantastic stump fields. Hundred of acres of prime
bass habitat. I'll be back when it's a bit more habitable to the bass and gills!