Recently while fishing the Fall River near Sunriver, Oregon I struggled to tie 6X fluoro tippet material to hooks with clinch knots for use with droppers. Invariably the rather brittle material would come off the hook just as I was tightening the knot.
The following day a well known rather flamboyant local guide on East Lake told me of a knot that would solve my problem . He said this knot was relatively unknown and must have a name but he just called it the easy knot. Not only was this knot easy to tie leader to fly but he said that it had better strength than even a palomar knot and did not curl the tippet like a clinch knot. Moreover when tied for a dropper line it had a perfect loop which could easily be attached to the hook of the floating fly then tightened.
This knot is on your site as well described by Mike Croft and attributed to Darrell Martin who called it the Weavers knot. I would greatly recommend it for its ease of tying, its strength, and the ease with which it allows you to rig dropper rigs with small tippit material.