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    Default IRS Swap

    I know I have another swap going but my wife liked this Idea.

    This swap will be for 12 tiers, 12 flies each

    Signup deadline Feb 15. Flies due to me no later than Apr 15.

    Your flies must contain at least the colors Green and White as in money.

    Any type or style of fly. Pleasse list the size of your fly.

    Send your flies in a box strong enough and large enough to hold the flies you
    will be getting back. Also send a self addressed stamped envelope, big enough
    and strong enough to hold your box when it is sent back to you.

    Please put your on line name on your box and envelopes.

    Please toe tag your flies.

    I will PM you my shipping addy as you sign up.

    I will be tying my version of the Green Caddis.

    bassman-Green Caddis
    Hook: Mustad 94840 #10
    Thread: UTC 70 White
    Rib: Green Wire
    Body: Caddis Green Beaver
    Collar: White Hackle
    Wing: Bleached Elk Hair

    Thanks in advance. John

    1: bassman - Green Caddis #10 - Done**
    2: TyroneFly - Clouser #6 - Received**
    3: ibrb - Frog #6 - Received**
    4: Skershaw - Crappie Candy #8 - Received**
    5: Gigmaster - Fathead Minnow #8 - Received**
    6: Danny Gober - green and white wire body soft hackle - Received**
    7: cane ru - czech nymph #10 - Received
    8: white43 - Panhandler #6 - Received**
    9: bdesavage - #20 Green and White Parachute Something - Received**
    10: RDL - Money Buzzer - Received**
    11: feltsole - bucktail streamer on a #8**
    12: SteveP - matuka... white body and lime green feather- NO SHOW - Replace with Green
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    I wish you all everlasting flies and tight lines.

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