Without going into a plethora of "reasons why", I've realized that I need to change the factory issued oars, that came with my Creek Co. boat originally.
They're basic "break aparts", (punch button in the middle, to separate in two) and up to now, have been just fine.
But, I can no longer use fins, as a secondary means of bringing my boat up on plane, so that's one, huge, reason oars now need to be changed and I guess I'm asking...............
"Which, after market oars, do you fellow and fellow-ette, 'Toon owners, prefer?" (if, at all?)
Oar locks, I can either fabricate on my own, or adapt to my frame, so that's not a huge issue. I'll also only be using my 'Toon on still water, from now on, so white/moving water doesn't need to enter into the equation either.
(My boat is an "Outcast", 8 footer as seen on Creek's home page).
I have my boat, also set up with a Minnkota, but don't always like using it and of course wouldn't think of going out, on the water, without good "back-up power"!?!