I have already put part of this list in a string below, then scanning through the BB lists, I noticed that there were questions
about Dun hackles etc. So I copied the whole of Veniard list and here it is:-

Grizzle - alternate bars of black and white usually from Plymouth Rock poultry.
Cree - Plymouth Rock/Rhode Island Red cross.
Reds (Browns) - from Rhode Island Red poultry.
Red Game - from Old English Game poultry.
Badger - Black centre with white outer fibres, sometimes with black tips.
Furnace - Black centre with red outer fibres.
Coch-Y-Bondhu - As Furnace but with the edges of the fibres tipped with black.
Greenwell - Black centre with ginger outer fibres.
Blue Dun - Slate grey.
Iron Blue - very dark slate grey.
Dun - mouse colour.
Honey Dun & Honey Blue Dun - These have honey tipped fibres.
Rusty Dun & Rusty Blue Dun - These have rusty tipped fibres.

White/ Black/ Buff/ Ginger/ Honey/ etc./ are self descriptive.
(Easy for him to say that.)

I shall probably put this on my site.