Having guided myself in the past, the best thing you can do to "get back at em" is to make sure the client knows his guide is a rude A##HOLE. Clients do not usually tip A&&HOLES. Hit the guide where it hurts most, the pocket book! My old boss used to tell me that even if i am in the right, if the client thinks i am an A##HOLE, i wont get tipped, and i should move on and find a more peacefull location. No client likes to pay to be in a hostile environment. No client likes to pay to watch his guide get in a fight over a fishing hole. Most people avoid confrontational situations, let alone pay to have someone else get them into one.

I think you did the right thing. Rest assured that the guides client, whom the guide put into a situation to hook you with a fly, will not likely ever go out with that guide again.

Have fun, Jeff