Castwell's article on starting a group brings back fond memories for me. I have been part of starting/organizing a couple of fly fishing groups, and it's very rewarding to watch them grow as the members become more comfortable with each other and knowledgeable about their hobby/sport. With each new member comes new ideas or a desire to improve ones self.

I have been on the Board of Directors of local, state and regional fly fishing organizations, and have filled the positions of Membership, Communications, Webmaster and Newsletter Editor at differing times (sometimes overlapping). Yes, I have even spent my share of time on the business end of a broom and mop following a meeting. I also was Chairman of our FFF Club's annual Expo for 5 years. Each volunteer position gave me a different perspective on the organization, and put me in contact with new and different members of the organizations, as well as people outside the organizations. It's kind of neat when you can pick up a national magazine and see pictures of people whom you know personally because of your volunteer activities with different groups.

As part of forming the Ohio Council of FFF, we developed a series of documents to assist those interested in forming a FFF Club in their area of the state. They take you from how to organize that first informational meeting, all the way thru forming your club, incorporating as a non-profit, and how to structure your monthly meetings. It makes organizing simple, and helps you focus on having a good time when you gather together. There are even job descriptions that can be used when recruiting for volunteer positions, so that people know what is expected of them. Additionally, we have also developed guidelines to help with things like putting together an outing or preparing a lesson plan to teach fly tying. These documents eliminate "re-inventing the wheel," and make the activity fun, knowing everything is covered.

If anyone in Ohio or the surrounding states is interested in starting an FFF Club in their area, feel free to PM me so I can help you out. For those outside of the area, check the FFF website for a Council in your area that can assist you.

Wether it's a formal club or just a loose knit group of fly flingers getting together for a "Lie & Tie," you will be greatly rewarded by getting together to share your knowledge and experience. It's a win-win for everyone.