Just wondering (gotta be careful with that one)

If magazine subscriptions (any magazine, not just fly tying/fishing ones) were made available online using a simple PDF format and a password to retrieve the issue, would you opt for that convenience vs receiving a paper magazine in the mail??? (Everybody has Adobe Reader installed on their PC's these days). Production of the magazine should be on a computers and creating the PDF document would be very simple.

I like the idea that i could archive the issues on my computers hard drive vs searching all over the place for that issue! No more dust collecting magazines on a bookshelf.

No more scanning of pages to save a particular article!

You could store a few issues on a thumb drive and read it on your laptop computer while traveling!

Saves a few trees from being cut down to make the paper the magazine will be printed on! Going green isn't a bad thing!

The bad is that you cant take it to the throne room and read it there! [Frown]

Just a thought! Whats yours??