The most incredible thing happened wed. night. I was sitting on the porch of my building, reading the newspaper, when this young guy came up to me and we started talking. He only recently moved here and he told me someone tried to break his door down! Normally, that would be ALL the news, but this wasn't Normally!
Folks, this guy lived on his Amish Family's Farm...His WHOLE 20 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. No TV
2. No electricity
3. No Internet
4. No Cars
5. Nothing that we take for granted.

Matthew is the BIGGEST Project I have ever seen! What I would like to know from you guys, is have you ever known anyone who is Amish, that departed the Community and have to start from square one in the real world??
He is asking questions and is very willing to learn. I would like to do more than just answer his questions. Thinking about hooking him up to the Library and I'm going to talk to a Librarian also.
I'm also going to search for Support Groups.