Sadly I just got my 4th and final notice today for my only magazine subscription. There is definitely something changing with me about WHERE I choose to receive my news. I don't have a lot of gripes about magazines, just TWO, ADVERTISING & ADVERTISING. It's annoying as He--LL!! to wade through advertisements while I'm trying to focus on an Article, especially when you are directed 20 pages to Finish the Article. One time I recall seeing the Title of an Article on the cover of this magazine and when I opened the magazine to find which page the Article was on, There were NO PAGE NUMBERS!!! probably because the Page Numbers took up VALUABLE Advertising Space! I never did find the Article! That poor Article some poor soul wrote, was BURIED in a PILE of Advertising! Taking into account I am a PICKY person, I'm not backing off of my feeling that I'm being insulted. For CRYING OUT LOUD! If you've got 80 pages of a magazine and 60 of those pages are Advertising, well I'm SORRY, that's not acceptable to me and it's like the Publisher does NOT CARE one bit about whatever the Topic of their magazine is. It's a SELL OUT! Let's make MONEY< MONEY< MONEY!!!!!!!! According to some people I have talked to, there are some magazines that haven't sold out ....YET!
That RANT is over.
Next is the Newspaper. I have been reading the Oregonian for 35 years and it's coming to a HALT! The ONLY reason I am receiving it still is that I am only paying $13.95 a month with Free Sundays. The Sunday edition NEEDS to be FREE, since it's a piece of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are enough Advertisements in the Sunday Oregonian to sink a SHIP!
Ducksterman, I know what your going to say! "What about the Thursday Fishing Report?" HA! HA!, I'm just kidding!
I have a GREAT system for reading the news and that is GOOGLE & KATU (Local) News. There is NO paper, NO annoying advertising, NO subscriptions! I can click on any story I want to read (Control) Watch Video News. Why don't I watch KATU News?? Well in the Morning News, those Idiots spend most of the time going to the Freeway CAM!!!! "The Traffic Looks OK SO Far, JULIE!!!" OR "Were talking to you from our STUPID Helicopter, WASTING Gallons of FUEL For NOTHING!, Because WE Don't Have a DAM thing TO DO!!!!!!"
So have you notice a Change in your sources of News and Information???
Also FAOL blows away any Fly Fishing Mag or Site!