both threads on the doublehaul, and long ditance casting were, informative, confusing, and hilarious. i enjoyed every word of every response, even when it sounded like someones bvd's were getting a little to tight.

i think that maybe a few of the more experienced people might need to offer some assistance to the beginners on this topic and seperate the wheat from the chaef. i learned quite alot from this thread, and below is a list of those things , in no particular order.

1. the double haul seems to confuse a lot of people, both in how to do it, and its usefullness.

2. most people think its only a tool to help you cast further.

3. it doesnt do you a whole lot of good to put a hundred feet of line on the water if you cant control it.

4. the single haul is a valuable tool that can be used to reduce your false casts.

5. the double haul will allow you to increase your line speed and overcome some of the wind resistance a large bulky fly has.

6. the double haul will let you cast into the wind better.

7. the bottom line is practice, practice, practice. the more you practice ,the better you get, the more you enjoy it.

i would encourage all to add to this list as you see fit, it can only help all of us enjoy the sport more.