This is getting out of hand!!

I have an Outcast Fishcat Cougar, (pontoon), and it is the ultimate fishing machine! If you think stillwater, wind blown banks, and high winds, there is no other option than a pontoon for pwc. I have a fishing buddy with a kayak, and the wind takes advantage of him every time, anchor or none. He has to spend too much time repositioning, or finding position for that matter. In my 'toon, I row quickly to the area I wish to fish, usually near a wind blown bank, as they concentrate fish most often. Once I'm in the general area, I stow away the oars and drop my feet into the water with my kick fins on. With my back to the wind, holding position is as easy as kicking gently with my feet. My buddy, on the other hand, will most often be blown into the water he's fishing and has to stop fishing to paddle back out! Overall speed comparison is dependant on wether or not I want to register and add my 30lb. thrust Minn-Kota. I've had it on my pontoon on private water. WOW!! I lock the shaft in place, turn the switch to high forward, fifth speed, kick my feet up, grab the oars to dip-steer as needed, and put off a h*** of a wake! Raced a twelve foot john boat with two anglers and a 65lb. thrust troller and handed it to'em, against wind and waves!
No need for rod holders on this craft, either. I take two rods out with me every time, mandatory. The quad tubes on this model allow me to lay a rod on each side, by simply sliding the reel and handle under the gear bags, with both rods pointing forward for rowing, or one facing rearward for fishing. Another plus of the quad tubes is surface contact. This baby rides super low pro' on the water, resulting in less wind reaction.

In short, Pontoons rule!