I enjoyed your article on carp fishing. I have to admit I have never caught 3 carp on flies in one day, let alone doing it before work. My most common carp fly is a smallish (usually size 6,8, or 10) wooly bugger - usually black or olive. Standard trout nymphs also seem to work pretty well - a hare's ear nymph has done the job a few time. I will certainly try your fly next time I run into a friendly llama.

I also have spent a lot of time thinking about how wise it is to release carp back into our rivers and lakes. I do enjoy catching them. They are big and plentiful because they are less sensitive to degraded environments and because they have seldom been directly targetted. Never the less, they are pretty distructive to aquatic ecosystems. Recent studies - including some in Iowa - have shown that carp are major contributors to excess cloudiness in lakes. Areas where carp are excluded or controlled are much clearer (less turbid) than areas where carp are active. Clearer waters have better light penetration, vegetation, insect live, and oxygen levels. So most waters would be much better if they did not contain carp. It is an interesting problem. I return them, but am not convinced that it is best for the environment.