Yes I borrowed the Idea from Ian short. This year I'd like to open the swap to 24 swappers. Due date to have the flies to me November 9th. I will have the flies back in the mail by Nov 12th. These dates will only be change if a serious problem comes up. Send flies in a box that will protect the flies but also can be wrapped for Christmas. You have to promise not to open your flies until Christmas morning. Flies, tie any fly that you would like to receive in a Christmas package. I'm planning a deerhair creation, if you want I'll do another mouse. Maybe a Christmas Mouse. To get some international favor to the swap. I'll pick up the return postage for any swapper who lives outside the US. Last day to sign up for this swap will be Sept 1st. I know christmas is way off but time flies when you are having fun. Dan Gober
1 alra195 received-------13 vulture6-received
2 Bassman received------- 14 hcmiller received
3 Sirrom received--------- 15 Mark Killiam ---received
4 CHET----------------------- 16 Nuke Master-received
5 Gigmaster-received -----17 Aftershaft-received
6 bdesavage received------18 Blaiseboy
7 DianeID received-------- 19 Rick Z Received
8 ibrb received------ 20 biot midge received
9 HMD-received --------21 Cal E Batis-received
10 ladyflyfisher-------------------------22 mr blur
11 DDRRedneck500-received--------23 Flyrodde
12 Scientist received-----------------------------24 Dan Gober
I like the idea of everyones flies being a surprise. so there is no need to post what fly you plan on tying. I'll post my address when the swap closes.

My mail address is Dan Gober
758 County Route 8
Fulton, New York 13069