My wife and I spent a few days at Disney World right after new years. We stayed at a Disney resort. I took my 3 wt travel rod and fished in the lake (pond) that was a the resort. I caught a lot of sunfish and several small bass. I was unable to land the bass because my tippet was too light (4x) to horse them out of weeds. There was not much surface action (no bugs) so caught most of them on nymphs and small wooly buggers. I did catch a few with poppers.

During the times that I was fishing I got no comments negative or otherwise from the staff at the resort. There was quite a bit of interest from other guests. Ranging from "is this really OK to do" to "are they paying you to do this?"

Disney provides guided trips on one of the larger lakes. But these only last two hours. I think that you can get plenty of action from the shore.

Mike T.

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