Got this idea from some of the materials I have laying around. Swap is simple: take one material that you have more than enough of and submit it to the swap. It can be a specific feather (pheasant, turkey, duck etc.), a specific hide (rabbit, deer, beaver, mink, fox etc.), material (thread, hooks, brass beads, glass beads, etc) foam, yarn, .... anything you have in abundance.

The amount you submit is up to you but try to keep it smallish. Swap will be for 10 people. To give an idea of the dollar amount worth of materials keep it between $5-$7 altogether. This is just a suggested amount; you can give more or less. I'm worried that some will think they have to get rid of more than they want. If you have, say, 30 Turkey Tails -- you could submit 9 tails rather than all 30. Every person would get a turkey tail and you in return would get 9 different materials.

Sign up deadline is July 3. Materials are due July 31. Please send a large return envelope, postage paid, along with your name and what you have submitted. Also, when you sign up, please include what you will be submitting in the swap. PM me if you have any questions. Send 9 sets of materials, 10 if you want want back for yourself. Please only submit one type of material.

1. Mule Deer Patch: gqualls
2. Matched Duck Quill Wings (slate color) Sagittarius62 (received)
3. Hot Pink Rubber Stretch: DianeID (received)
4. Rabbit Fur Strips: Wild One