So once again I am caught up in the eternal search for a decent tailing material for parachute and Catskill-style dry flies (PMD's to be precise). Now for most patterns I've changed to either moose or deer hair (e.g. Parachute Adams & Parachute Hare's Ears), or Coq de Leon for smaller patterns, and in many cases I've switched from conventional duns to emerger/cripple patterns with zlon shucks, but I want to add a few parachute and Catskill PMD patterns to my box for the season. I've got saddle hackle for the thorax/parachute but I do not have a decent tail material other than Microfibbets -- which I will use on a few flies.

So what would folks recommend? I need a light dun (light gray) material, preferably spade hackle or something close but does this mean buying a neck or are there any alternatives?

Thanks in advance.