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Thread: Davy's knot? (Davy Wotton)

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    Default Davy's knot? (Davy Wotton)

    Has anyone experience with this knot? Seems too simple, but have "tested" it at the bench with favorable results.....still need to get it wet fishing and see what I see.

    Thinking that small flies at dusk may have gotten more reasonable to tie to tippet.

    Just another "Happy Hooker".

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    Just another HappyHooker

    Catching and Releasing Fisher-folk for 40+years

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    That knot is identical to the knot that appears in and is recommended by Don Holbrook in "Midge Magic". Who knows, Davy Wotten may be the young man cited by Don Holbrook in the Book's side bar decscribing that knot. There have been discussions about the knot on FAOL. As I recall, lots of people used it and liked it.

    I'm always interested in experimenting and trying new things, but I don't currently use that knot.

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    i saw the post and tried the knot this afternoon, it worked great, even when i got hung up in trees a couple of times.



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    Hi gordo7!
    I've been using the Davy Wooten knot exclusively for the last 5 years. I can't say that I have ever had a knot fail. Simple, quick and it works.

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    After almost universal approval "voiced" here I tried it and had it "work loose"....maybe I'm just a bad knot tyer...

    Respect Your Elders!

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    yes--it works fine for me--leave a little tag for "give"

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    Though I'm new in here, I searched as I could for info on the knot before I posted. It may be that learning curve thing, but I kept getting "0 results" for my efforts.

    Would like to read the previous posts on the subject, but still getting no returns for my efforts though searched some more after reading your post.

    Anyways, large 'thank you' for your reply and the heads-up that there is still more information here.....just have to figure out how to access it.

    Have you any experience using the knot with
    flourocarbon tippets or strictly nylon monofilament? The little 'tag' remanant proved to be the ticket at the bench in my initial research.


    Thank yous around to all who replied.

    Just another "Happy Hooker".

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    Just another HappyHooker

    Catching and Releasing Fisher-folk for 40+years

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    It works and it's easy to tie. I tried it when it was posted some time ago.

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    I don't use flouro, so have no results about it. The knot holds fine for the fish I catch, including a 5 pound bass caught on my 3 weight ST Croix LU. Also, I fished all day with Davy Wotton on the White River last year, and he ties that knot for all his clients.

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    The Davy knot is excellent and very quick. I have had very few failures with it. Another great advantage is that iit can be tied leaving a short tag that does not have to be trimmed (I know that may sound like blashemy but, hey it's practical). It is amazing how much less tippet and time you save.

    Davy has a lot of other great practical advice. If you ever in the area you should consider booking him for a trip.

    Chuck Hitt

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