Hello everyone.

I have been off the board a lot. I have been extremely busy and in the middle of a bunch of test. I needed to get my head screwed on straight again. I am still in remission and that helped. But I have lost some friends and family (including Al) to death lately.

It has just been too many in a short period of time. I am not depressed, but just a bit overwhelmed with all of it. So Sue and I decided to take a week and go visit my dad. WE fished and watched the Braves. After watching the Braves this last 15 days I see I am not the only one that has been having some down days.

We laughed at the baseball luck, and caught enough bass to feed us very well.
WE had a great time traffic went our way, and only saw one bad accident. A semi tractor burned to the wheels.

I just wanted everyone to know I passed all those test again, so I am still in remission. And I want you all to be just a little extra careful. Like I said I have lost enough friends and family this year for a very long time.

I missed everyone here while I was fishing, no internet....