I am responding not so much to be included in a poll, but to pass along an offer i have made here in the past. There was a post here not much more than a year ago offering to take returning veterans out for a day of fishing.

Any of our valient veterans returning from combat, wounded or not, have a standing invitation with me to either float a river in my driftboat, or go chase salmon in the salt in my saltwater boat. I will provided everything except alcohol and a fishing license. All i need is an email, the times and dates in advance so i can coordinate time off and such. As a country, we have not been asked to share the burden with our troops, so a fun day on the water is the least i can do to help. Remind you that i am no longer a guide, but love to fish none the less.

Whatever we can do to pick up the slack that the VA has left us with, we should be willing to do. I can sacrifice a day of work to help out and support any soldier that put their A** on the line for you and me.