I found this on another message board and I thought it was worth passing on. Good programs like this don't get enough publicity. In a follow up to the message another angler pointed out that in addition to the state matching funds there are also federal funds and grants and corporate contributions based on this money meaing that $1 contributed could turn into as much as $8 toward land acquisition programs. What a deal!

Anyone interested in preserving stream access in PA might be interested in the following letter:

There are currently two mechanisms in place through which interested anglers like yourself can make voluntary contributions to address the issues you raise. The first is the Commission 's CAP Program. CAP stands for Conservation Acquisition Program. Via this program, persons can make contributions which are set aside in a special account whose use is restricted to riparian land purchases. The Commission matches each contribution dollar for dollar. So if you donated $50, we add another $50. If your specific interest is coldwater trout streams, you can earmark a contribution specifically for that type of purchase. Contributions can be
sent to:
CAP Program
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
P.O. Box 67000
Harrisburg, PA 17106
The other program, while not restricted to land purchase, is the Conserve 2000 program. One of the Conserve 2000 components is a program through which interested persons can make a $5 (or more) contribution. In return they receive a Waterways Conservation Stamp. The monies from the Waterways Conservation stamps is restricted to use for conservation and preservation projects, such as habitat improvement on trout streams. You can learn more about Conserve 2000 on our web site at [url=http://www.state.pa.us/PA_Exec/Fish_Boat/c2000.htm:549fb]http://www.state.pa.us/PA_Exec/Fish_Boat/c2000.htm[/url:549fb]
We appreciate your interest.
Good Luck and Great Fishing
Dan Tredinnick
Press Secretary
PA Fish & Boat Commission

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