I returned to Oklahoma Friday from Mountain Home, AR. We (my soon wife to be, Rita) were there looking for a home, as we're moving there in June, but timed it so that we could visit the Annual Sowbug Roundup while we were there.

I only got to spend part of one day at the Sowbug, but really enjoyed my time there. Caught up with a lot of old friends. Richard Ross (hopper), Hans Weilenmann (flytier), Dennie Conrad(Love 'dem chickens Dennie), Harry Boyd, Tony Spezio, Skip Shorb and a host of others.

Well, good turned into great. From the rekindling of old friendships has thus far come at least one planned trip to Montana in August, and keeping in touch with my dear old friends, I'm sure, will result in many more "fishin' trips".

Got back home and of course back to work. Started cutting and splitting cane Friday night and by last night I had the splits for 4 butt sections and 8 tip sections sorted bundled and ready to taper. I'll probably spend most of today doing the same and the next 3 days on the beveller cutting rods. I love this life!!!

By the way, we're moving to Mountain Home in June. I got in my practice for living there by fishing either the Norfork or the White every day (and all but one night) that I was there last week... it's still some of the most exciting trout fishing I've ever experienced. One possible exception... Mill Creek, SW Montana and wild Cuts... Thanks Jim and Deanna for that little hint a few years ago!