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Walking with the rod behind you. I always thought this was a good idea. That way you don't dig the tip in the dirt, break it off, get it stuck in the trees and bushes, etc.
Well, after tomorrow I may change my opinion a little bit. I was making my way back to my truck after a long, slow afternoon on the river. The banks of this river at this stretch are very overgrown and thick. I was making my way downstream, then saw another angler. I decided to try to leave him some water to fish and walk down through the bushes and trees, rod tip behind me.

When I got about 200 yds away from the truck I looked down and realized I was holding half a rod. Needless to say, I freaked out. I knew that I would never find a 4 foot, thin stick in a forest of sticks and twigs. I backtracked, searching franctically for 20 minutes. Now, I am convinced that God is a fly fisherman because I finally asked for a littl help to find the tip half of my favorite rod. I finally made my way back down stream, my heart in my boots to where I got back in the water. To my amazement there was one green vine in the entire forest where everything else was dead. This green caught my attention and...holy crap, stuck to that one green vine was the top half of my rod!! While trying not to be religious, I am convinced that God totally understood how important that rod is. I think he must spend a fair amount of time on the water.