I was thinking of hosting my first swap before I graduate and join the workforce, and after a quick search it seems like the last classics only streamer swap was in 2004.
So here it goes:
Classics Only Streamer Swap.
Any Streamer but must be a classic...defined as something from way back when, Clousers, Wooly Buggers etc are NOT CLASSICS (for this swap). Classics would include, Mary Orvis Marbury Flies, Carrie Stevens, Rangeley Style, will even include Bergman or Classic Atlantic Salmon Conversions. If you are unsure just ask me.
Anyone can join, even if this will be your first time tying a classic streamer, I hope people will try them out, I started tying them a short while ago, they are a lot of fun, beautiful and still catch fish. The beauty of these classic is that they don't generally need very fancy materials.:
We will keep this to 12 tiers including myself.
Close Date will Be March 11 Flies Due by May 1.
Should be great!!!
1. rawfish- Gray Ghost
2. bear742- Royal Coachman- RECEIVED
3. kayakfish- Oriole- RECEIVED
4. trouthunter77- Don's Delight RECEIVED
5. fly_flinger- Black Nose Dace
6. lakeerieangler- Mickey Finn
7. vtfisher- Gary Dog
8. Salmon Chaser- Magog Smelt- RECEIVED
9. Salmonguy- Black Ghost RECEIVED
10.Gigmaster- Iris #1 RECEIVED
11. Aftershaft- TBA
12. Leo C- TBA