Well I have been thinking about starting to tie classic winged wet flys myself and figured it would be a good swap to host as well. What I am thinking is winged wets for trout. I'm personally looking to tie classic patterns but lets open this to all winged wets.

The usual swap rules apply. Box, return postage and envelope, toe tags.

Lets limit this one to a dozen tyers including myself. Sign up by Feb 14th. Flys due to me by March 30th.

Lets have some fun with this one and hopefully see some classics.

1. HMD - White Miller DONE
2. alra195 -Light Cahill DONE
3. ibrb - Winged Alder -DONE
4. kayakfish - The bee -DONE
5. Kahuna - Improved McGinty Wet -DONE
6. Gadabout - Cowdung -DONE
7. Aftershaft - Leadwing Coachman -DONE
8. Feenom - Schaeffer -RECIEVED
9.Mr. Blur - Blockhouse DONE
10. Paul W - queen of the waters -DONE
11. bjanzen - Grizzly King -RECIEVED
12. Andy B - Mystery FLy - SHIPPED

The usuall swap rules apply:

1. toe tags with the hook size, fly name, and FAOL name, email, and anything else you wish to put on your tags

2. Box large enough for the flies you will recieve.

3. One fly for each of the other swappers.

4. Return Postage/ money to cover your return Shipping from Canada. CD jewel cases and similar thin cases can be shipped for roughly $2.50, thicker boxes over 3/4 inches thick are roughly $5.00 to ship to the USA.

5. Signup date Feb 1st, Flies due to me by March 1st

Hillard Mac Donald
103 Ceal Square
Hinton, Alberta