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    Default July 2012 Swap Of The Month

    Gigmaster has given me the nod to host for July and I just wanted to get started. I really like classic flies so for this month I have chosen winged wet flies. I think most people know of Ray Bergman's book "Trout" , a true fly fishing and tying classic. Just pick one of the winged wet flies from one of the first 9 plates , which is over 400 flies to choose from. The flies run the gambit from simple to complex but all have there own charm. Here are a couple of links if needed for idea's. There are many other great examples here in the archives of FAOL. Standard swap rules as always and P.M. when complete.


    billhouk - Bergman Coachman - (received)

    branhap - Black Gnat Silver - (received)

    gigmaster - Dark Montreal - (received)

    gmac209 - Babcock - (received)

    icemanxxxv - Winged Hares Ear -(received)

    Rick Z - Catskill Variant - (received)

    sjo - Cock Up - (received)

    texfly - Green Apple
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