I was very impressed by the type of flies from last year's Super Bowl Swap, so I think we need to do another one this year. Super Bowl XLI is Feb. 4, 2007.

Since we don't know the teams yet, we'll just have to put this on hold for now and wait until we have the color scheme. Sign up deadline is the 22 January, the day after the Conference Championship. The flies are due to be 17 March. If I get them early, I'll send them out when the last arrives. Any type of fly, colors should reflect the team colors that are playing in the Super Bowl...which ever ones they are. Have fun cheering for your team during the playoffs, and think about what you'll be tying. (Usual Swap items apply: Self addressed stamped envelope, sturdy box, etc.)

AFC set up is looking like this:
San Diego, Baltimore, Indianapolis, New England, Jets, and Kansas City.

Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Seattle, Dallas, and Giants.

Any predictions for the final two? I'm thinking it would be fun to see Baltimore and Seattle. (Plus they have great colors and from opposite oceans.)

UPDATE: I was close..in a way. The Colts used to play in Baltimore, right? Then they were moved to Indianapolis... See where I'm going? Ehhh, okay, so I was WAYYY off.

FLIES: It doesn't matter what type of fly or what team you pick. The fly needs to have at least one of the team's colors. (Right now, I'm wincing if someone designs an all white fly...LOL) The official colors of the Bears are Navy Blue, Orange and White. The colors of the Colts are Speed Blue and White. Aftershaft asked earlier if retro colors are acceptable. They sure are if you're feeling as old as I am right now and totally depressed because none of your teams are in this year's Super Bowl. If you're really depressed and can't think about tying, let us know, and we might push back the deadline. I think we're all a flexible group.

1--DianeID: Grizzled Bear, a wet fly **tied**
2--White43: Truly "Bearable" Gurgle Pop **received**
3--Bassman: Indy Minnow **received**
4--Aftershaft: Soft-Hackle streamer a la Jack Gartside - in Bear's Color **received**
5--Ridgeliner: Cat's Whiskers **received**
6--Troutgeek: Adult Damsel **received**
7--GT2FLY: Indy Fly **received**
8--Trout hunter 77: Indy Streamer**received**
9--George Emanuel: Victory Bear**received**
10--Cal E. Batis: Chili Bug **received**
11--Mike Harsh: Colt Woven Stone Caddis **received**
12--harleybob87: Bearly Legal **received**