Time for me to do another swap box. It will be for 12 swappers.
You can take out and put in what you want. Please try to put in
equal to what you take out. You can put in tying materials, fishing
items and tying tools. Tying tools would be most welcome as I am
trying to put together 6 sets for some tying classes I will be
teaching to kids at the church where I work.

I will arrange the list so that you should be shipping it to the
nearest swapper to you. Please try to not keep the box in your position
longer than 3 days as this box will take a while to get all the way

I will enclose mailing list and labels. You will be responceable for the
postage to the person next on the list when you get it. Please also when you ship the box send it with deleivery confirmation.

The last box I did went real well and super fast. As far as I know
everyone on the list was happy with the box.

I will ship the box out just as soon as I get 12 swappers.

Signup deadline will be January 15.

Don't wait too late on this one, the last one
filled up real quick.

The box is filled up and ready to go out as soon
as we get 12 swappers.

Please PM me your shipping address as you signup.

Thanks in advance to all that sign up.

1: bassman - Shipped
2: Jack Hise - Received & Shipped
3: GT2Fly - Received & Shipped
4: Night Angler - Received & Shipped
5: Crotalus - Received & Shipped
6: SonOfMartin - Received & Shipped
7: Fatman - Received & Shipped
8: DianeID - Received & Shipped
9; Dan (Dianes Friend)- Received & Shipped
10: Danny Gober - Received & Shipped
11: Joe Valencic - Received & Shipped
12: rawfish - Received & Shipped

This should be a lot of fun. John