#@!$%& Marabou

Just when I am thinking I got this, the dreaded Olive Marabou Wooly Booger tail hits me. My problem is set out below, this is a direct quote from the tying instructions:

?3. Olive Marabou will be used to form the tail whose length will be the same as the shank of the hook. Attach to the top of the hook at the bend using the pinch method: one loose wrap and two tight wraps. Trim the butt ends.?
Sounds simple enough, but NO not me.

1. Got the Marabou feathers and a sample fly.

2. The sample fly tail does not have the quill section of the feather in it. Does that mean to strip feathers off the quill.

3. The feather has a very stiff quill section to a very pliable section. Again, do ya strip or how do you use the stiff section.

4. What is the ?pinch method?. One loose and one tight, where and on what.

I am a lot lost in Olive Marabou land, please help!!!!!!!!!!