I know there are quite a few folks here that are furling leaders, so I thought I would see if there is any interest in a swap. (JC and LF, I know this is not the proper place for a swap, but I thought more people would see it.)

The rules will be the same as a fly swap...toe tags, shipping, etc.

The leader can be made out of any spooled material...fly tying thread, mono, sewing thread, etc.

Length and configuration is up to you.

I thought we would limit this one to 10 furlers inculding me. The swap will be left open until November 1, or until we get 10 furlers. Leaders will be due to me by December 1.

OK, who is in?

1 Kaboom**done**
2 Jack Hise**received**
3 11 Ranger
4 crstan **received**
5 chucketn**received**