Hi everyone... Anyone up for a quick swap?

This swap is about our favorite leftover in November... The Turkey.

Any fly type is allowed, but it has to have some turkey material in there. It can be quill, marabou, tail, etc. And no--it doesn't have to be from the actual turkey you had at the Thanksgiving table. (The truth be told...we get our turkey at the grocery store.)

Time to be creative. If a fly is made from duck, why not try turkey? If you usually try pheasant, how about the other dark meat? Maybe create a whole different fly?

This sign up is for 10 swappers since we have a short time frame. Flies are due to me the week after Thanksgiving. The usual apply: return postage, good box, toe tag, etc. Thanks.

1--DianeID: Quill Body Parachute with turkey wing **tied**
2--Ron Eagle Elk: Fish Hawks **received**
3--Bassman: Bullet head hopper **received**
4--Trout Fry: Ginger Quill with turkey wing **received**
5--Harleybob87: Hares ear nymph **received**
6--Butternut:Hopping Caddis **received**
7--Cal E. Batis: Pheasant (Turkey) tail **received**
8--White43: Brimagator **receieved**
9--Treelines: Turkey and Cranberry **receieved**
10--Extra turkey flies