This Swap is open to any and all Tiers.

Here is the way it will work. You tie any fly you want, but can only use a maximum of 3 materials not counting thread and hook. Your flies can be tied with just hook, thread and 1 other material or 2 other materials or 3 other materials. Head cement or Sally Hansens will not be counted as a material. We will limit this to 13 tiers. You will need to tie up 13 flies and one of your own will be sent back to you with the rest.

Please also Toe Tag your flies with at least your On Line Name and the Name of the Fly.

Signup Deadline will be October 15.

Flies in my hands by November 15.

Send your flies to me in a strong box big enough for the flies you will be getting in return. Enclose a self addressed and stamped evenlope big enough to hold your fly box to be sent back to you. Please do not use metered postage strips.

Please also mark your box and envelope with your on line name and the swap name.

I think this will be a fun swap for everyone.

I will be tying the Lady's Fish Finder, I have tied this fly in many sizes and colors. It is a real good fish catcher. I will be sending 2 flies to each tier just to show it tied in 2 different sizes. No one elxe needs to do this. I just like tying and fishing this fly a lot.

My Shipping Addy is:

John E. Eaton
212 Avenue C
Knoxville, TN 37920

Hook: Mustad 94840 #10-#18
Thread: UTC 70 Rusty Brown or UTC
70 Blue Dun or UTC 70 Olive or Tan
or UTC 70 Black or UTC 70 White
Hackle:: Barred Brown or Grizzly
or Olive or Blue Dun or Black
or White (use Blue Dun Thread
when tying the Grizzly) or
Ginger or Cream

littlebassy will also be getting in on this one with her Orange and Yellow Boa Yarn Leech #12

Orange & Yellow Boa Leech
Hook: Mustad 94840 #12
Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0 Yellow
Body: Orange-Yellow Boa Yarn
Head: Uni-Thread 6/0 Yellow

1--bassman - Lady's Fish Finder - Done
2--littlebassy - Orange-Yellow Boa Leech - Received - Received
3--ckhanna - Deer Hair Beetle - Received - Received
4--bowmaker1 - Crackle Back - Received - Received
5--SheTies - Chum Slammer - Received - Received
6--harleybob87 - Mohair Leech - Received - Received
7--Danny Gober - TBD - Received - Received
8--ridgeliner - Thread Minnow - Received - Received
9--Gardenfish - Simulator - Received - Received
10-DianeID - Inchworm - Received - Received
11-biot midge - March Brown Spider - Received - Received
12-hoboflyfisher - Soft Hackle - Received - Received