Persuaded DW to let me get a kayak. Left home yesterday with the intention of paddling around a bit and returning home without the yak I was trying. I first discovered it was very light and I could tote it without much difficulty. The struggle of 100 yards or so down to the river left me a bit tired. The river is directly behind the outfitter's house..handy ,huh? Anyway, the launching area is quite steep and has moss-covered slick rocks from about 10 feet up down to the water's edge. Definitely not my favorite kind of terrain!! NO problem. Adam put the back end of the yak in the water and held on to the front,held the yak in place and I kinda tumbled backwards into the seat. He handed me a paddle and I was off. Yak amazed me with how easy it was to paddle. Secondary stability seemed good..I tipped it til the water was at the edge of the cockpit and it righted itself without any help from me. I got brave and really leaned into some turns, wow, nice.
Anyway, I now own a second hand Necky Santa Cruze,paddle,pfd and bilge pump.
It rained like crazy most of the 130 miles home, so maybe I'll even have some water to paddle in now.
Yep, didn't get a SOT in spite of my better judgement. If I screwed up it certainly won't be the first time. Now for a trip to the nearest bluegill water just south of town.