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  1. ASF Rivernotes Sept. 18, 2015 and other news from ASF

    News from Atlantic Salmon Federation

    ASF Rivernotes ? The first sense of Fall salmon
    Temperatures may remain warm until Sunday, but there is a first feel that fall is descending on the rivers,...
  2. ASF RIVERNOTES - JULY 10, 2015 - and other news

    ASF RIVERNOTES - Summer Heat Slows Activity
    In some areas the arrival of summer is slowing Atlantic salmon activity. Meanwhile, overall, numbers seem better than last year, but this isn?t true...
  3. New ASF RIVERNOTES - and a 2015 Photo Contest


    ASF RIVERNOTES ? and a new Live Release Photo Contest
    There are first reports of Atlantic salmon returning, along with photographs of river activity. In...
  4. A Focus on the Miramichi - News from ASF Dec. 11, 2014

    News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

    A Focus on the Miramichi, its People and its Salmon in 2014
    Martin Silverstone, editor of the ASJ, made a fact-finding trip along the Miramichi to speak...
  5. News from Atlantic Salmon Federation - Nov. 28, 2014

    News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

    ASF Helping to Add Fish Habitat in Maine
    ASF is working with partners on an ambitious plan to expand fish habitat in Maine, that is seeing one project...
  6. News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation - Nov. 21, 2014

    News From the Atlantic Salmon Federation

    Striped Bass Proposed for Species at Risk Act
    Striped bass in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence have been proposed for protection under the Species at...
  7. Margaree Salmon, Fall Runs in NB, and Bincular Thoughts - Oct. 23, 2014

    ASF RIVERNOTES ? An update on some fall runs and a consideration of binoculars for salmon fishing
    The latest ASF RIVERNOTES has an update on Margaree fishing, plus interesting salmon numbers for a...
  8. Asf rivernotes & other salmon news - oct. 18, 2014

    News from the Atlantic Salmon

    ASF Rivernotes ? End of Season Numbers for Cascapedia & Other Stories
    The latest ASF Rivernotes examines conditions on Nova Scotia salmon rivers, the method being...
  9. ASF RIVERNOTES - Major Fall Run on Miramichi - 9 Oct, 2014

    News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

    ASF RIVERNOTES - Fall Run on the Miramichi River
    The trapnet counts finally posted provide interesting, even surprising conclusions about what is going on...
  10. Salmon Angling with Broken Rib - and other stories/news from ASF - Sept. 25, 2014

    News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

    ASF RIVERNOTES ? Angler with a Broken Rib
    Many are passionate about Atlantic salmon, but some go beyond that. The latest from Atlantic salmon rivers....
  11. Scotland vote, Miramichi Salmon, Photo Contest - all from ASF Sept. 18, 2014

    ASF Rivernotes ? Will Scotland?s Referendum Affect Salmon?
    This week?s update hits several points, including a new PHOTO CONTEST, as well as raising the question of impacts on salmon from the...
  12. ASF RIVERNOTES - Sep. 12, 2014 - Strange Year


    ASF Rivernotes ? Reflections on Runs
    Rivernotes provides updates on the rivers, along with a special multi-year look at several rivers, plus one camp?s 43 years of salmon statistics....
  13. ASF RIVERNOTES & other ASF News - Sept. 3, 2014

    News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

    ASF Rivernotes ? River Projects
    If you know of an innovative project that will improve Atlantic salmon rivers, check out the remarks at the beginning of...
  14. ASF RIVERNOTES - End of Summer - Aug. 28, 2014

    News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

    RIVERNOTES ? The End of Summer
    There are hints that that some rivers may hold surprises for the fall, as the late runs of 2014 continue to enter rivers....

    ASF Rivernotes ? An interesting August
    ASF Rivernotes is finding interesting patterns of salmon returns unfolding. Also special reports from Ungava Bay and elsewhere....
  16. Replies

    ASF RIVERNOTES - June 12, 2014

    News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

    ASF RIVERNOTES and update on Didymo
    ASF RIVERNOTES provides the latest information on how the Atlantic season is progressing, along with a startling...
  17. News from ASF - and STATE OF THE POPULATION - June 2, 2014

    News From the Atlantic Salmon Federation

    Migrating Salmon Face a Triple Challenge ? and Genetics Showing Some Extremely Vulnerable
    Gill-net fisheries in Greenland, Labrador and at St-Pierre et...
  18. News from ATLANTIC SALMON FEDERATION - May 2, 2014

    News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

    Land-based salmon farming is here ? with no escaping or diseased fish affecting wild salmon runs
    This week ASF hosted an international conference bringing...
  19. ASF RIVERNOTES and other ASF News - Apr. 25, 2014

    News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

    ASF RIVERNOTES on latest river conditions
    The river ice is breaking up, creating its own problems for the Miramichi angler. And news on salmon angling at...
  20. ASF RIVERNOTES Begins for 2014 - and the story is ICE

    ASF RIVERNOTES Begins Publication for the Season
    With April 15 here, ASF RIVERNOTES begins its regular survey of what is happening on the salmon rivers of North America and beyond. Besides the...
  21. News from Atlantic Salmon Federation - Apr 9, 2014

    ASF Hosts Workshop with Latest Salmon Tracking Equipment
    ASF is at the cutting edge of research that follows Atlantic salmon towards ocean feeding grounds near Greenland. Read about the most recent...
  22. CBC Program on Canada Atlantic Salmon Conservation - and sign a Scottish Petition

    CBC Land and Sea on Wild Atlantic Salmon ? just this week
    Last Sunday CBC?s Land and Sea aired a 22-minute program on wild Atlantic salmon and the efforts of volunteer conservationists and...
  23. News from atlantic salmon federation - dec. 18, 2013

    News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

    A Gift to Help Fly Fishing Survive
    No better time than Christmas to consider giving a membership to help wild salmon and fly fishing itself survive. Read...
  24. Replies


    ASF Survey ? with PRIZES
    Whether you have looked through a single copy of the Atlantic Salmon Journal or are an avid reader, we are interested in getting to know you better, and to find out more...
  25. News from Atlantic Salmon Federation - Nov. 14, 2013

    Top ASF International Conservation Award Given to Laura Rose Day
    Her leadership in managing Maine?s Penobscot River Restoration Project has given this important salmon river a new future. Read more....
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