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Tadpole Rod

by cholcomb13 on 04-12-2009 at 04:30 AM

Quote Originally Posted by cholcomb13 View Post
Well, I'm done just a couple of touch ups and it will be ready to pack and mail out with the are some pics...a fun build.

I used a fenwick style cork grip and black aluminum reel down locking reel seat

I used black metallic thread for the wraps...and 3 lite coats of flex coat lite for the finish

The signature wrap...end of hook keeper wrap is roughly 12 inches and the sig wrap is marked at a fun 16 inches

I used a spigot ferrule
This was the first time I used flex coat, on the other rod that I built, I used varnish. I think this build was a lot easier than the bamboo build even with the spigot ferrule. I learned a lot and got the chance to used the rod turner, that thing is amazing, really helped with the flex coat...I imagine with thin varnish, results would be similar.


by cholcomb13 on 11-17-2008 at 05:56 PM
It's been four long busy months, but I finally was able to break away and get out for a few hours on Friday. The stream was choked up with brush but I was able to find a few good holes. After such a long layoff, I realized that a lot of my goto flies were I hadn't restock. None the less I managed to catch a couple of nice size trees further depleting an already depleted fly supply.

But I did manage to catch quiet a few socal dinks and even this guy....

It's was great to finally get back out on the water.

My Summer Report (2008)

by cholcomb13 on 08-10-2008 at 09:45 PM
This summer has been extremely busy, I've fished the fewest amount of days this summer than I ever have....but it's been fun taking care of the kids. Oh and moving into a new house.

I did find time to fish the beginning of summer (goldens posted earlier) and managed a camping trip a couple of weeks ago with my girls.

Without the long narrative here are the highlights.

The girls ready to go

First bow of the trip

The girls were as interested at fishing much this trip they were more interested in letting fish a section and then go in the water and turn over rocks and looking for things.

I caught my largest brown of the trip in a pool just below where I caught the rainbow however, he as I was getting him out of the net he decided he wanted to get out and jump out of the net and my hand and landed in the water and swam away.

A nice brook

A quick stop at a very windy upper owens....landing this brown

I caught another about the same size and there was a huge jumping rainbow who would have nothing to do with me...I believe I caught him last year :scratch:

As mentioned I didn't fish as much as have in past summers but I have made the most of the time out....and camping with the girls is always a blast.

Golden Nuggets

by cholcomb13 on 06-17-2008 at 06:06 PM
Friday was the day. I had originally planned a two day camping trip but I've doing a lot work around the house and I made the decision at the end of the day to return home and continue the work. (brownie points) .... But not before I got a full day of fishing in on a small high country trout stream. The stream was flowing nicely. In it held the most beautiful golden nuggets one ever did see.
I caught and released many beautiful specimens...

the beast of the day =)

The fly of choice, "the Prism Stimulator" I also used the dancing caddis...but goldens love the prism.

The trip also allowed me to give a friends 7-0 2 piece 3wt quad a good test run...and what a sweet rod it is. Perfect for this small stream where stealthiness was the theme. These guys were super spooky. Many of the holes held more than one fish but usually after catching one it spooked the entire hole. I did see a few big ones 10-12 inches which for this tiny stream is huge. But you got one chance at them and I missed both opportunities (one missed, one SDR).

The rod was able to delicately throw the 3 wt sylk line effortlessly 10 to 50 ft at times the wind gusts knocked down the line like it was string. But a quick reset and a little wrist action the rod had enough power to zip the line through. The rod was real soft in the tip, stiffer in the mid with a swell butt. A very powerful rod. Which made these nuggest seem like monsters. I didn't have the opportunity to roll cast it but my guess is that it will just fine especially with the slightly swelled butt. (I test that next time out =) )

A great rod and great time...I can't wait to get back to gold country.

Updated 06-17-2008 at 06:29 PM by cholcomb13


Gold in them thar hills and let it snow let it snow let it snow

by cholcomb13 on 05-24-2008 at 03:36 AM
As is tradition I took the day off today and headed for the hills in search of little golden nuggets. As I left my house at 530am the rain was coming down in buckets. An hour later clear skies......

I arrived at my friends house and headed for the hills it was a clear 54 when we left his house. Half way up the hill he notice that the tempature was now 37 and falling. Soon we were in a memorial day weekend blizzard.

We continue up the road put on our waders and headed out. There weren't as many fish as we were accustom too.

Soon I had my first...

notice the snow and wet fish and fingers....brrrrrrrr took a while to warm up. Which was alright with me.

My friend captured this of me in the height of one of the snow flurries

We continued for a couple more hours and then decided to call it a day (a short day) but all in all a great day fishing with incredible conditions.