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Looking North

Spring is a Warbler...

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Our 50" of April snow has had an unexpected consequence... No Warblers! These little harbingers of summer, flying in from 3500 miles away in South America, are always a welcome sight. So, when they don't show up for opening day, I get bummed. Carol Henderson, of the MN DNR, was bemoaning the fate of these sprightly guys, and has commented on the decline of all the bug eating birds we see each spring because of our April snows.

Tonight I put some domestic fowl on the grill and Lo! There above, pirouetting above the pines, A Yellow Rump Warbler!
Ah! Grace, in the form of a small feathered friend from Costa Rica.

And then, to add to my delight, a message from the local TU of a new easement in the neighborhood, to a small spring creek, home to native Brookies

Spring creeks! Brookies! Little yellow rumped birds! Life IS good!