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Elitism in fly fishing

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This was inspired by a post in the sound off forum.

I think Elitism in fly fishing is stupid. People who think they are better than others just because they can afford a scott rather than a walmart combo need to take another look at life.

These people, I think, are just trying to compensate for something else and they are insecure in their own fishing ability. They put others who are doing better than them down because they want to seem superior and it makes them feel better. People who say "oh they must have been stockers" just to put someone down because it wasn't a wild trout. Truth be told its these kind of people that probably can't even tell the difference between a stocker and a wild fish.

Fishing is not about having top 'o' the line rods, newest lines, most expensive reels, and other BS. To me, its about relaxation and fun.

I will admit I have some high end equipment but that doesn't mean that I go around bragging about it to make myself feel better and putting people down and calling their stuff cheap. Its wrong and can really hurt another fisherpersons confidence, especially if they are beginners.

Anyways, elitist, purist, whatever, I think its pathetic. Go get into some high testosterone sport and leave fishing for the others who just wanna enjoy it.

That may be a strong opinion, But that is my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Off the soapbox now.

Tight Lines!


  1. DDRRedneck500's Avatar
    hehe yeah i hear ya on that. the elitists in everything not just fishing really **** me off. im lucky though that i never run into the elitist fisherman but its just because i hardly ever see other flyfishers.
  2. vipermcgee's Avatar
    I don't know many flyfishers personally, but the few I have met have been really nice. I was down on my $40 combo I bought at, but several good people reminded me that it was still a flyrod and will still catch fish. I finally cought some just to prove it!

    There are eliteists in every game, but they can't help themselves. The best thing the rest of us can do is watch them carefully. Maybe they will accidentially leave one of those high-end rods behind for one of us with Wal~Mart, or lesser, combos!