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Barbed v.s. Barbless debate

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There is almost always some kind of discussion like this on the main FAOL part of the bb. And it never seems to come to an end and final decision.

I'll list some of the pro's and con's of using barbless over barbed.

  • easier to realease fish
    easier to get out of self
    less handling of fish
    possible long line releases
    not as many fish deaths due to stress from removing the hook

  • long line releases( depending on if you appreciate this or not)
    More expensive in some cases.

Thats about as many as I can think of right now, but in my mind the pros of barbless vastly outweigh the cons. The term "long line release" can be looked at as a blessing in disguise for not having to get your hands wet and cold, and not having to touch the fish. Or it can be looked at as a stupid hated thing. I prefer to appreciate the "long line release."

And if the price thing bothers you then just crimp the barbs yourself.

If barbless were really useless as some people claim then would rivers and other protected places require the use of them and them only? I don't think so. So they must be doing something great.

off the soapbox now.
Tight lines

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  1. Eric-WD's Avatar

    The shack nasties have hit, and debating something like this is therapy for those of us who can't get out due to the solid condition of the fishing waters.

    I think you summed the debate up nicely, But I think that what people aren't saying is that it has more to do with the type of fish one is fishing for than barbed or not, the people who fish all day for one chance at a fish seem to be the ones who keep the barbs.

  2. DDRRedneck500's Avatar
    yeah i always used to fish barbed because i never heard about barbless but i heard that barbless is better for the fish so i made some of my hooks barbless. it doesnt seem to make much of a difference on hookups