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W0W this is exciting! I never knew there was an FAOL blog until this morning. Guess drilling around and snooping is not all bad.

We down here in Texas are a bit wimpy when it comes to cold weather. Its been hitting the low 30's and high 20's at night lately and that is plenty enough for me. Thank goodness the wind has not been blowing at usual Texas velocities or it'd be bitter indeed.

The striper action below Texoma dam has been some of the biggest excitement lately, that and the false runs by sand bass.

Next week or so, 26th actually, is the Texoma Tie-In hosted by Red River Flyfishers at Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texoma. I'll be there so that I won't be called square.


  1. fivedials's Avatar
    Boy did you bring back a pretty funny memory.

    Last time I was in Texas I was visiting a construction site, I may be off by a bit but I think it was late January.

    "You must be that Yankee I was to look out for." was how I was greeted by the Foreman of the site. Not a hello and a handshake or introduction but a slam about where I was from. Now, in a round about way, I was there to help his Company get a line of Credit with a Bank. I was sent there to help appraise his equipment; and calling me a 'Yankee' right off the bat didn't sit well with me, especially since we didn't know each other or allowed me to introduce myself. I was also thinking, 'what happened to all that Southern hospitality' I had heard about. This being my first time south of St. Louis.

    Trying to get our relationship back on track and to prove that I was on his side, I played along. "How did you know I was from the North?" I asked. "Well youg man," he said "it's 65 degrees out, my men are freezing their a---- off, and your wearing a shortsleeved shirt. You'd have to be from up North to think it's warm enough to be wearin' a short sleeved shirt."
  2. rrhyne56's Avatar
    LOLZ! Hope that all worked out. Boy howdy, have I been away from this page!