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Sportsmans Warehouse.....

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Sportsman's Warehouse recently opened a store near here in Medford. I guess just after Thanksgiving. Well today I made my first visit there. Wow, very impressive. Lots of fishin gear, and virtually every other outdoor sport as well. The fly tying area is very well stocked, although with some brands I never saw before. Their prices are better than most other suppliers around here, (GI Joes, Oregon Outdoor Store, McKenzie Outfitters)
I hear they blew McKenzie out of the water, and they closed their Medford store. I haven't been ther since just before Christmas, so I didn't know til yesterday. Too bad the big boys always seem to shut some of the smaller local favorites down.
It's a pretty good store, though, till just the last few years, we didn't have many local places to get tying stuff. I think the new surge in flyfishing interest has been good fo that.
Anyway, I dropped about 30 bucks and came away with lots of stuff to tie on hooks......


  1. nen-bran's Avatar
    Yeah. Sportsman's Warehouse was built in town here last summer. They are the only local place that I know of that sell fly tying materials. I got my first vise there and get almost all my supplies there. It is way too easy for me to spend a $50 gift card in one day! Great store.
  2. Panman's Avatar
    The 1st Sportsmans Warehouse was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah by my brother. Scott as well as my dad & I were avid fly guys which may account for the variety of items in that portion of the store. Scott sold out to another fellow who expanded the Warehouse throughout the US. In my opinion during this expansion the warehouse became more of big box type store and the quality Scott insisted on has gone by the wayside. I quess what I am trying to say is the Warehouse is still a great store with good prices - - but be careful of what you buy, made in China, etc.

  3. Crunchy's Avatar
    Cabela's just put a store in not far from a Sportsmans Warehouse down in the Lacey area of Washington. They
    seem to be getting along OK.