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Dancing Caddis

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My first blog entry....I know I posted this on the fly tying section, but with the blog feature I wanted to start and document my patterns.

(January 18th, 200
A very interesting pattern, originated by Gary LaFontaine. The pattern is tied on an upside down hook. Original pattern calls for a swedish dry fly hook. (I ordered them and should receive them tuesday) I wanted to practice so I used a Tiempco 200RBL. According to the pattern the wing is just a tad long. Let me tell you, I jabbed myself on the first one pretty good, tying in the deer hair wing. I tied two...this is the only one I can photo as the other is ....... don't know it vanished. I cleaned up before photographing and I may have tossed it. I searched the room and nothing......vaccuumed as a precaution. Well hopefully it won't turn up.

Dancing Caddis

Hook: Tiempco 200 RBL size 16(Partridge KA3 - Original)
Thread: Tan 6/0
Body: Olive Brown rabbit
Wing: Natural deer
Hackle: Cree (What a great pattern to break in my new cree hackle)

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    Based on a comment from a friend I added a little more wing for the dancing caddis

    I will say that more wing made it a little tougher to tie (You have to see the hook to understand - Search Partridge KA3)

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